ADI Condor

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Role Motorglider
National origin United States
Manufacturer ADI
First flight 1981
Number built 1

The ADI Condor was a motor glider of unusual configuration built in the United States in 1981. While most motor gliders follow traditional sailplane layout, the Condor was of twin-boom configuration, with twin, inwardly canted tail fins joined at their tips by a common horizontal stabilizer. A pusher propeller driven by a converted Volkswagen engine was mounted at the rear of the central nacelle that seated the pilot and passenger in tandem. Construction throughout was of composite materials.

The single example of the aircraft was destroyed in a crash in late 1982 after an engine failure.

Inline landing gear with on-wingtip resting is typical of sailplanes


General characteristics

  • Crew: One pilot
  • Capacity: 1 passenger
  • Wing area: 130 sq ft (12.1 m2)
  • Powerplant: 1 × converted Volkswagen automotive engine , 65 hp (48 kW)


  • Rate of climb: 1,000 ft/min (5.1 m/s)


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