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Blazing Liberty About Street life in DC Major Edits

I can get really focused on a specific subject (usually history or geography) and spend way to much time researching it. It eventually makes it in an article here for the greater good of knowledge. It will be full of spelling and grammar issues and some good soul will solve them and all is well.

I have a passion for Washington City as it was called at the time. I love finding amazing black and white pictures of the city and learning more about the lost parts, the demolished parts that the residents and tourists do not know about. My favorite period for DC: 1850s to 1950s.

Favorite Pictures[edit]

Some of my favorite pictures of Washington City, District of Columbia discovered in my research of the lost history of this city:

Private Buildings[edit]

Public Buildings[edit]

Union Station[edit]

Civil War[edit]

Panoramic Views[edit]

Panorama of Capitol Hill taken from the Capitol Building looking east - 1906
View from the Washington Monument looking east - 1912
View from the Washington Monument looking north - 1912