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Erik Reinert is a Norwegian economist in the field of evolutionary economics. He is the founder of the famous site the Other Canon and a professor at Tallin University of Technology. He is also one of the leading experts within the research fields of aid and development and was in 2001 employed by the Norwegian Investor Forum.

During the 1990's evolutionary economics has gained acceptance as an alternative to standard (neo-classical) economic theory. Evolutionary, or Schumpeterian economics, studies the economy as a dynamic process in which human learning, technological change and institutions play a key role. The large TEP-Programme (Technology and Economy) of the OECD brought evolutionary economics into the sphere of public policy in the North, whereas standard neo-classical economics continues to dominate the policy of the same OECD nations towards the South. The aim of Reinert's work is to integrate and develop insights from evolutionary economics into the study of uneven development between North and South.

The Other Canon[edit]

The Other Canon is 'Reality Economics', the study of the economy as a real object, not defined in terms of the adoption of core assumptions and techniques. A production-based economic theory where economic development is an intrinsically uneven process, The Other Canon provides tools for economic development and industrial policy.

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What precisely does "alternative text" mean? It should be intregrated with the article, to the extent that this is possible. "The Other Canon" should get its own entry, and the remarks on evolutionary economics should go into the respective article. This is a biographical page, after all. Finally, I would contest that objectively speaking, Reinert is simply, or even mainly, an "evolutionary economist", although a reference is of course appropriate. Clossius 06:00, 30 May 2005 (UTC)