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Gul Mohamad Zhowandai (1905–1988) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. A poet and writer, his publications were novels written in Persian, and several volumes of inspirational verse. He was editor of Islah and Anis Publications in 1950s. He was 83 years old when he died.

Gul Mohamad zhowandai, Afghanistan Poet, writer and Editor

His published works include:

  • Ferroz — short stories (Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • Ahrezo ah ye per ahshoob — short stories (Kabul, Afghanistan: Islla Publications)
  • Kachkol — novel (Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • Collection of Poems (Kabul, Afghanistan: Islla, Anis)

In Timeri Murari's novel The Taliban Cricket Club the narrator described Gul as "our most celebrated poet and writer."[1]

poem Gul mohamad zhowandai


  • Modern Fiction In Afghanistan (Taraneh Publication)
  • An Encyclopedia of Persian Literature in Afghanistan Vol. 3 (Tehran, 1999)
  • Mahseerin Sukhanwar (Kabul, Afghanistan)


  1. ^ Timeri Murari (2012). "The Taliban Cricket Club". Harper Collins. ISBN 9781443410663. Retrieved 2013-08-28. She read me Gul Mohamad Zhowandai's short story collection Ferroz, and when I had enjoyed them, we read his novel Kachkol and spent hours discussing it. He was our most celebrated poet and writer and died in 1988.

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