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<-- add WIP template --> 

subpg        *** T O O L B O X ***        v1.00;

... wherein is to be contained a miscellany of useful devices, links, blocs, &c; not otherwise present on primary user page...

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Custom Tools[edit]

WIP Templates[edit]

a little pre-fabricated structure to use where I can be bothered...for some consistency & attempt at completeness, the below templates may be used to structure notes & actions on WIP articles...just copy, paste, and populate...

 ''''<FONT color="00FF00">DONE</FONT>'''' ''<SMALL>~~~~~</SMALL>'' - stamp of completion
 ''''<FONT color="DC143C">TODO</FONT>'''' ''<SMALL>~~~~~</SMALL>'' - stamp of attention

Article Heading[edit]

section starting bloc of a new WIP article

==Article Heading==

 '''[[some article|article name]] [[Talk:Some article|talk]]'''<BR>
 commenced: '''~~~~~'''

Notes & Framework[edit]

a subsection to record initial thoughts, things to correct/investigate/address/include

===Notes & Framework===
 ''(1) Key issues, potential improvements'' 
 *list key issues, potential improvements, etc 
 ''(2) Plan of attack''
 *list of points to execute/investigate
 ''(3) Items for inclusion''
 * list items to include or further investigate
 ''(4) Structure''
 *sketch outline of revised article structure

Cognates & References[edit]

a subsection to store related articles & references to be used in composition

===Cognates & References===

 ''(1) Cognate articles''
 *[[another article|another name]]- desc how relevant
 ''(2) Refs to check''
 *[[int or ext ref|link or source]]- desc how relevant or what info to track down

Draft Passages[edit]

a repeatable table markup to store/compare various sectional re-writes

===Draft Passages===

 ====Section n name====
 <!-- cjllw:TABLEWIP ARTICLE SECTION TMPL V1.00 2005-05-17--> 
 {| border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background:#FAEBD7"
 | align="center" style="background:#DEB887" |
 ''Version'' '''xx'''
 | align="center" style="background:#DEB887" |
 ''Date'' '''~~~~~'''
 | align="left" |
 the original text may be pasted here, for reference....
 | align="left" |
 the 'improved' draft text to go here
 | align="left" style="background:#DEB887" |
 indicate whether posted, and when YYYY-MM-DD-HHHH
 | align="left" |
 list references used
 | align="left" colspan="2" style="background:#DEB887" |
 any such comments on draft as may be observed/provided go here

Links & Article Cleanup[edit]

a checklist subsection to note links & cross-references to be addressed in the article revision

===Links & Article Cleanup===

 ''(1) WP Categories''
 *what Cats should/should not be associated- need to M-A-C-D?
 ''(2) WP Projects''
 *is associated w any proj, what r the stds- need to M-A-C-D?
 ''(3) Related articles''
 *what other items shld be noted, valid to obtain full picture- these to be cross-linked?
 ''(4) Redirects''
 *what search term variations need to be accounted for- need to M-A-C-D?
 ''(5) Disambig''
 *what other term meanings need to be distinguished- need to M-A-C-D?
 ''(6) Wikify''
 *what key terms in article shld be wikified, - need to M-A-C-D?
 ''(7) Interlinking''
 *what interlinks to other Wikis wld be beneficial- cross-link?
 ''(8) Citations''
 *what refs are needed, note any to be checked, updated, submitted
 ''(9) Promotion''
 *as article progresses, what action/dialogue to review, engage, promote?

Copy'n'Paste jobs[edit]


--[[User:CJLL Wright|cjllw]]<font color="#DAA520"> | </font>[[User talk:CJLL Wright|<small>TALK</small>]] ~~~~~    …cpypaste for sig

--cjllw | TALK 23:17, 15 November 2005 (UTC) ←→

--cjllw | TALK 23:43, 15 November 2005 (UTC)

Templates & Flags[edit]

{{limitedgeographicscope}} …flag article as limited in geographical coverage
{{sectstub}}               …flag section as a stub

WP Tools[edit]

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