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Hello Klemy, Just a little message to make sure you're checking up on me. I've sorted many of the things I needed to do and my work plan for next term is coming along fine. You'll see the full copy soon. Hope all is well and you're looking forward to your new term (I know this is unlikely but we can still hope). I may ring today or I might just send a letter on Sunday.

Take care, Love Barnaby

Ps: Oh and feel free to respond on this page!

Hey B, You know you still make me smile even when your away. Keep up the self discipline.I've sent you a letter. See you soon. Love Klemy

Hello, good to see you're checking up on me! I'm probably coming down next weekend for my birthday. The parents want us to go nut picking with them. You should have heard about this before next saturday! I'll look forward to the letter. Barnaby dawson 10:55, 2 Oct 2004 (UTC)