Some Girls Wander by Mistake

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Some Girls Wander by Mistake
The Sisters of Mercy - Some Girls Wander by Mistake cover.jpg
Compilation album by
Released27 April 1992
The Sisters of Mercy chronology
Vision Thing
Some Girls Wander by Mistake
A Slight Case of Overbombing
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[1]
Q3/5 stars[2]

Some Girls Wander by Mistake is a compilation album by English band the Sisters of Mercy, released on their own label Merciful Release, distributed by Eastwest/Warner Music UK, on 27 April 1992.

The album collected the complete and unedited studio recording work of the band from 1980 to 1983: their first single, "The Damage Done", their second single, "Body Electric", their fourth single, "Anaconda", their first two EPs, Alice and The Reptile House, and the 12 inch edition of their fifth single, "Temple of Love".


"Temple of Love" is the only song from the 1980–1983 time period that was published with an "extended version". The album does not contain the 7 inch version of the song, which is the same as the extended version but faded out halfway. Although "Temple of Love" was re-recorded in 1992 to promote the compilation album's release, the new version was not initially included on the album. "Temple of Love (1992)" featured Israeli vocalist Ofra Haza.

The compilation includes cover versions of "1969", originally recorded by the Stooges, and "Gimme Shelter", originally recorded by the Rolling Stones, which appeared on the Alice and Temple of Love 12 inch EPs, respectively.

The album title derived from the Leonard Cohen song "Teachers", from the 1967 album Songs of Leonard Cohen, which was a staple live cover for the band throughout its career. The full line is: "Some girls wander by mistake / Into the mess that scalpels make". Songs of Leonard Cohen also included the Cohen song "Sisters of Mercy", which provided the band's name.


The album was issued as a limited-edition CD with artwork "postcards" of the early vinyl singles, and as a regular CD without such cards.

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal EP/singleLength
1."Alice"EldritchEldritchAlice 12" EP3:34
2."Floorshow"EldritchCraig Adams, Eldritch, Gary MarxAlice 12" EP3:40
3."Phantom"(Instrumental)Adams, MarxAlice 12" EP7:10
4."1969"James OsterbergDave Alexander, Asheton, Asheton, OsterbergAlice 12" EP2:45
5."Kiss the Carpet"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.5:55
6."Lights"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.5:51
7."Valentine"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.4:44
8."Fix"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.3:41
9."Burn"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.4:49
10."Kiss the Carpet (Reprise)"EldritchEldritchThe Reptile House E.P.0:36
11."Temple of Love (Extended Version)"EldritchEldritch"Temple of Love" 12" EP7:42
12."Heartland"EldritchEldritch, Marx"Temple of Love" 12" EP4:47
13."Gimme Shelter"Mick JaggerJagger, Keith Richards"Temple of Love" 12" EP5:57
14."The Damage Done"EldritchEldritch, Marx"The Damage Done" 7"3:03
15."Watch"MarxMarx"The Damage Done" 7"3:11
16."Home of the Hit-Men"MarxMarx"The Damage Done" 7"0:34
17."Body Electric"EldritchEldritch"Body Electric" 7"4:18
18."Adrenochrome"EldritchEldritch"Body Electric" 7"2:57
19."Anaconda"EldritchEldritch, Marx"Anaconda" 7"4:06
Total length:79:31

The B-side to "Anaconda" was "Phantom", previously made available on the "Alice" EP. Digital versions of the album feature the extended version of "Temple of Love (1992)", in addition to or replacing the original extended version.[3][4]


Tracks 1–13, 17–19
Track 14–16
  • Andrew Eldritch – vocals (lead on 14), guitar, drums
  • Gary Marx – vocals (lead on 15 and 16), guitar


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