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I know some parts of the mainpage are in English still, you can translate them by clicking "edit".

A basic orientation on Wikipedia:

To make a link to another article in Wikipedia, type: [[nameofarticle]] for example [[English language]].

If you want the text of the link to be different than the page it goes to, type [[nameofarticle|linktext]] for example [[English language|English]].

To make a page into a redirect, type #REDIRECT [[otherpage]]. For example, [[English]] might be: #REDIRECT [[English language]].

To make bold text, type ''' before and after it. For italic text, type '' before and after it.

To link to pages outside of Wikipedia, type [ Example website] and to link to pages on other language Wikipedias, type [[:en:English language|English language]] or something similar.

Also, you can type for example [[Language]]s and it will look the same as if you typed [[Language|Languages]].

Any article you write should have [[ ]] around the most important words in every sentence. Example: On [[May 1]], [[2002]], suspicions were aroused again when the [[North Korea]]n army tested a [[missile]] in the [[Sea of Japan]], causing mass hysteria in Eastern coastal regions of [[Japan]] and in most of [[South Korea]].

At the beginning of an article, the title word should be bold. Example: '''South Korea''' is a [[country]] in [[East Asia]]. (in the article [[South Korea]])

Also, if you think you're up to it, you can go to and type below the existing text that you would like to be a sysop on the xx: wikipedia (that is what people will call the xxlanguage Wikipedia for short), and what will especially help is if you add messages supporting each other's requests. If you are a sysop, you can do things like translate the user interface, delete pages, and ban or block problem users.