Nyland Brigade

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Nyland Brigade
Nylands Brigad
Insignia of the Uusimaa Brigade.svg
Insignia of the Nyland Brigade
Active1918: 3. Jääkärirykmentti (3rd Jaeger Regiment)
1918: Jääkärirykmentti 3 (Jaeger Regiment 3)
1918-1919: Savon Jääkärirykmentti N:o 3 (Savonia Jaeger Regiment No. 3)
1919-1940: Uudenmaan rykmentti (Uusimaa Regiment)
1940–1941: 13. prikaati (13th Brigade)
1941–1944: Jalkaväkirykmentti 13 (Infantry Regiment 13)
1944–1953: Jalkaväkirykmentti 4 (Infantry Regiment 4)
1954–1956: 4. Prikaati (4th Brigade)
1957–: Nylands Brigad (Nyland Brigade)
Country Finland
Branch Finnish Navy
TypeNaval infantry
SizeWartime size unknown
Approximately 1,500 soldiers trained each year
Part ofFinnish Navy
Garrison/HQDragsvik, Raseborg, Finland
Motto(s)Militärt kunnande, sammanhållning, framåtanda
(roughly: Know-how, cohesion, drive)
ColorsBlue and yellow
MarchNylänningarnas marsch
Anniversaries18 April (Battle of Siikajoki)
5 July (Battle of Teikari)
9 July (Navy Day)
EquipmentJehu, Jurmo, Uisko, 'G' class, XA-185 Pasi, Spike-ER
EngagementsBattle of Siikajoki
DecorationsSiikajoki Cross
CommodoreJuha Kilpi
HeaddressGreen beret with Sea Eagle's Head badge (qualified Coastal Jaegers)
Black navy beret with Anchor&Lion badge (other troops)
Insignia of the Vasa Coastal Jaeger BattalionInsignia of the Vasa Coastal Jaeger Battalion.svg
Insignia of the Ekenäs Coastal BattalionInsignia of the Ekenäs Coastal Battalion.svg
FlagFlag of the Uusimaa Brigade

The Nyland Brigade, officially Nylands Brigad (NylBr) in Swedish, Finnish: Uudenmaan Prikaati (UudPr), is a brigade-level marine-type unit of the Finnish Navy stationed in Dragsvik in Raseborg in the province of Uusimaa. The Brigade trains Coastal Jaegers and other troops for combat in coastal environments. It is the only unit of the Finnish Defence Forces where the instruction language is Swedish, the country's other official language. The command language is, however, Finnish.

The brigade also trains personnel for the International ATU unit (Amphibious Task Unit), which is a special crisis management force that can be employed in coastal environments.


The Vasa Coastal Jaeger Battalion trains Coastal Jaegers, boatsmen, coastal missile troops, reconnaissance troops and ATU platoons. The Ekenäs Coastal Battalion trains mortar and signal troops, military policemen, chauffeurs, supply specialists and combat engineers.


The Finnish coastal jaegers are trained in Nyland Brigade

The brigade follows the traditions of the Nyland and Tavastehus Cavalry Regiment, which Gustavus Adolphus established in 1626. The regiment distinguished itself in the Battle of Siikajoki during the Finnish War. The brigade also traces back its history to the 3rd Jaeger Regiment during the Finnish Civil War, renamed Uusimaa Regiment during the interwar period. After the Winter War, the Uusimaa Regiment was one of the units forming the new 13th Brigade, which formed the basis of the 13th Infantry Regiment (JR13) during the Continuation War, later called the 4th Infantry Regiment, which was restructured to form the 4th Brigade and renamed to Nyland Brigade in 1957. The unit became a part of the Finnish Navy in 1998, having been an Army unit until then.


The brigade utilizes XA-185 Pasi APCs and trucks for land transport, and Jehu, Jurmo, Uisko and G class landing craft for amphibious transport. The motorized artillery previously used 130 K 54 guns, but now relies on Spike-ER missiles for anti-ship warfare.


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