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James Charles Sholto Burchett Queen's Counsel, born in Goodooga, New South Wales, on 11 October 1930,[1] died 30 September 2012,[2] was Justice of the Federal Court of Australia between June 1985 and October 2000[3] and was president of the Australian Copyright Tribunal.

In 1996 he handed a series of judgements which delayed the start of the Super League rugby league breakaway competition.[4]

He conducted the 2001 Inquiry into Military Justice in the Australian Defence Force, which concluded that there was not a culture of widespread or systemic avoidance of due disciplinary processes, nor the use of violence to maintain discipline, in the ADF.[5][6]

Burchett was appointed as the independent code reviewer for the Australian copyright collecting societies' voluntary code of conduct, to monitor and report on compliance with the code.[7] He was Chairperson of the Australian Electoral Commission between 2003 and 2009.[8]

Burchett also served as a judge on the Court of Appeal of Tonga.