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Ian Wallace was the pen name of American science-fiction author John Wallace Pritchard (1912–1998).[1]


Ian Wallace was born in Chicago, Illinois but spent most of his life living in and around Detroit, Michigan. Wallace was a practicing clinical psychologist for many years, and also had an extensive background in education. Much of his career was spent working for the Detroit public schools system.[2]

Wallace's mystery and adventure novels were generally set deep in the future, and often included characters with superhuman or telepathic abilities.


Adventures of Minds-in-Bodies
Attributed to John Wallace Pritchard:
Every Crazy Wind (1952) LCCN 52-7346
Attributed to Ian Wallace:
Pan Sagittarius (1973) ISBN 0-399-11105-0 LCCN 72-94258
The World Asunder (1976) ISBN 0-87997-262-9
The Lucifer Comet (1980) ISBN 0-87997-581-4 LCCN 2006-594203
The Croyd Spacetime Manoeuvres
Croyd (1967) ISBN 0-8125-5625-9 LCCN 67-23599
Dr. Orpheus (1968) ISBN 0-425-01767-2 LCCN 68-25464
A Voyage to Dari (1974) ISBN 0-87997-142-8
Z-Sting (1978) ISBN 0-87997-408-7
Megalomania (1989) ISBN 0-88677-351-2 LCCN 2002-559217
The Claudine St. Cyr Interplanetary Detective Mysteries
Deathstar Voyage (1969) ISBN 0-425-01924-1 LCCN 69-18198
The Purloined Prince (1971) ISBN 0-8415-0134-3 LCCN 72-154251
The Sign of the Mute Medusa (1977) ISBN 0-445-03173-5
Heller's Leap (1980) ISBN 0-87997-475-3
The Rape of the Sun (1982) ISBN 0-87997-704-3


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